• B2B Sample
    B2B Sample with SIC, employee and direct contacts
    RDD onDemand
    RDD onDemand provides direct access to our global RDD database
    Consumer Sample
    Global coverage with more than 250 key variables
    Geocoding Services
    Enrich data with NUTS regions or other socio-demographic data
    Landline RDD Sample
    Pulsed Landline RDD for more than 140 countries.
    Mobile RDD Sample
    We can cover mobile RDD sample for more than 190 countries.

    We strive to answer all quotas for RDD, B2B or B2C sample within 60 minutes! We can also provide full documentation for all our RDD & B2B sampling options. Furthermore we can provide direct access to our RDD onDemand system.

    Our Service Commitment

    Providing Global Coverage
    More than 190 Countries covered

    Whether it is B2B, RDD or Consumer sample. We provide the solutions for your global sampling needs.

    We provide the right solutions.

    We have our in-house database whether it is B2B or RDD sample, which means we can provider fast turnaround and cost-effective pricing.

    Flexible customization

    We can provide flexible tailored solutions for your MR sample requests.

    Our Clients

    • Pexel Research
    • Kudos Research
    • Jigsaw Research
    • Gallup
    • IPSOS


    Corporate layout

    Having worked with Sample Solutions Europe since 2011, they have been an invaluable resource for providing nationally representative and B2B sample. Turnaround time was usually 24 hours and far more price competitive than other sample provider.

    Mark Zielinski
    Project Manager - Winning Research
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